Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) assists you to live independently while working towards your goals and objectives. Momentum will provide the necessary support (often 24/7) to help this dream become a reality.

SIL happens in your home. You can get SIL funding if you live with other people in a home or on your own.

Supports included in SIL:
  • Assistance with household tasks
  • Support with daily life activities
  • Community activities
  • Assistance with safety , security and supervision
  • Support to get to and from community
What’s not covered under SIL?
  • Cost of groceries
  • Rent, board or lodging costs
  • Utilities – gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet
  • Household budgeting/bill-paying activities
  • Expenses related to holidays, including travel costs etc

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