PRIDE @ Momentum is an initiative designed to address barriers to empower NDIS participants who identify as LGBTIQ+ to live the fabulous life we all deserve.

At Momentum we PRIDE ourselves on promoting an inclusive, accepting space and PRIDE ourselves on being strong allies of the LGBTIQ+ community. We PRIDE ourselves on providing both exclusive events and inclusive events within the wider community.

Momentum understands that many people who identify as LGBTIQ+ with a disability experience significant barriers being fully accepted and included in their community. This can also impact your ability to access appropriate activities and services. These barriers can be experienced at many levels, including personal, interpersonal and institutional. It is often expressed overtly or in subtle ways with phobic language and behaviors from others, stigma or discrimination in all areas of life.

You will work with like minded support workers who often identify as LGBTIQ+ themselves or are friends and allies of the LGBTIQ+ community. They have similar ambitions, hopes and dreams that you have. They thrive in environments and activities that you thrive in.

Momentum will identify and help you access appropriate LGBTIQ+ events. We will support you to engage with the LGBTIQ+ Community and to access appropriate services with confidence.

Our aim is to increase LGBTIQ+ affirming attitudes and behaviours in you and LGBTIQ+ with a disability affirming attitudes and behaviours in the wider community.


Our events program at Momentum Community Connections is diverse to reflect the diverse interests and backgrounds of our participants. The event program supports inclusion and promotes participation in the Momentum and wider communities