Momentum Community Connections offer a broad range of services to NDIS participants aged between 17 and 65 from diverse backgrounds and communities to live independent and happy lives.

Momentum provides assistance with services that you are not reasonably able to undertake by yourself. They are available to you when you want them and where you want them. The ultimate aim is to build your capacity and skills to complete these tasks independently

Support is participant centric and flexible to focus on your personal goals and objectives.

Household Tasks
Momentum provides one on one assistance with household tasks that you are not reasonably able to undertake by yourselfRead More »
Life Skills
Momentum assists and mentors you in life skills to ultimately enable you to do them yourself.Read More »
Travel Assistance
Momentum provides assistance with your travel requirements to help you get to where you need to go.Read More »
Community Participation and Recreation
Momentum promotes engagement in the community and helps facilitate your social and community connections.With our support you will learn new skills, engage in the community and make new friends while building your confidence to live an independent life and promote your functional capacitRead More »
Group Centre Based Activities
At Momentum our participants are the reason we do everything we do. With that in mind we aim to create inspired centre based activities to enrich the lives of our participants.Read More »
Supported Independent Living (SIL)
Supported Independent Living (SIL)  assists you to live independently while working towards your goals and objectives. Momentum will provide the necessary support to help this dream become a reality. Read More »